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Will roses grow in planters?

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Shelwyn21-Mar-01 10:02 PM EST   
Serena C.22-Mar-01 12:15 AM EST   
Sandra M22-Mar-01 10:29 PM EST   

Subject: Will roses grow in planters?
From: Shelwyn
Date: 21-Mar-01 10:02 PM EST

I've been told that roses love eastern exposure, and I have two planters along the side of the house that get great eastern exposure. What I was wondering is will the roses grow in planters?

Subject: RE: Will roses grow in planters?
From: Serena C.
Date: 22-Mar-01 12:15 AM EST

Yes but they need at least 6 hours of sun. I have a David Austin Rose "The Prince" and it's growing in a big terracotta pot. It's been doing very well. In the fall, I put it in the garage to protect it. Once the weather gets warm (after the last frost date), I will bring it outside.

Every two weeks, I fertilize it with the Rose Fertilizer. What kind of rose are you planning to grow?

Subject: RE: Will roses grow in planters?
From: Sandra M
Date: 22-Mar-01 10:29 PM EST

I have about 6 rose all growing in seperate planters. In the spring I plant Johnny Jump ups around the roses and it makes for a very nice display. The planters all have southern exposure. I fertilize with Miricle Grow 15-15-30 and revitalize the soil by adding composted steer manure in the spring around the begining of April. They all do very well. The planter roses have been going for about 7 years now. I have a couple of tea roses and the rest are floribunda. Hope your roses do as well as mine!

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