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Serena19-Mar-01 04:32 PM EST   
liz19-Mar-01 07:39 PM EST   
Elizabeth21-Mar-01 04:54 PM EST   

Subject: Canada Blooms Show - my thoughts
From: Serena
Date: 19-Mar-01 04:32 PM EST

Did anybody go to the Canada Blooms (March 14-18/2001)? I went yesterday and I find that the Show is getting worse every year and pricier. I have been going to the Show ever since its inception. The first year was the best of them all and the one year that had the "Wedding Party" theme garden. This year's Show displayed gardens are getting boring. Most of the gardens had no name tags for the flowers/trees and had the same flowers. What do you think? My two cents.

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms Show
From: liz
Date: 19-Mar-01 07:39 PM EST

I went to Canada Blooms on opening day. It was my first time. I loved looking at all the landscaping ideas but a lot of them are impractical for the average gardener because of the expense. I too was very disapointed that there were almost no labels on the plants. For a novice gardener this was frustrating. I too found a duplication of many flowers and planting. I probably will go again but next time I won't be shy to ask about the plants. ps. I was SO excited, I walked RIGHT by Mark Cullen.aaaahhhh!! I did see him a couple of weeks ago also and he signed my books that he wrote.

Subject: RE: Canada Blooms Show
From: Elizabeth
Date: 21-Mar-01 04:54 PM EST

I found the price for the show just fine. I bought a ticket a Zehrs which is $3 off, plus a $5 dollar coupon to spend in their garden centre. It only cost me about $6 to go! I was a tad disappointed with the show but it let me dream for spring for the day. The best gardens were the perennial ones: Zehrs one and I think it was a Heritage garden of some sort. Yes, lots of repeat in perennials. Do they have difficulty with force flowering? But every year I do come back with a must buy list of perennials. I asked lots of questions from the ladies there and they were very helpful. One joke-- in one other garden their were labels. One said daffodil. Thanks, I wasn't sure about that one. Why not tell us what kind of daffodil? Oh brother!!

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