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South Facing Balcony

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Christina Wisniewski13-Mar-01 03:50 PM EST   
Doug14-Mar-01 01:40 AM EST   
Ros14-Mar-01 04:00 PM EST   

Subject: South Facing Balcony
From: Christina Wisniewski
Date: 13-Mar-01 03:50 PM EST

I bought a corner unit condo with a south facing balcony. The balcony is 30 feet long and 10 feet deep. There is an ajoining fench dividing the unit east of me and underneath this fench, is a 5 foot long, 3 foot deep, 3 foot high planter. I need ideas for the existing planter, ideas for container planting that could take sunny conditions? As well, where would I find winterized pots that could hold small coniferous trees? Any suggestions for these trees?

Subject: RE: South Facing Balcony
From: Doug
Date: 14-Mar-01 01:40 AM EST

Well, for plants to put into the planter, it would depend on the intended use/look you want to achieve with it. In general, some good plants for a full sun-hot location would be succulents like jade plants(need to be taken in in winter), portulaca, hens and chicks, sedums, and bachelors buttons. Since it appears to be a large planter, you can try growing low-growing junipers, herbs, dogwood(when maintained properly), and other berry fruits (saskatoons, raspberries, cherry). As for pots to hold your coniferous trees, I would suggest using large plastic tubs.. terra cotta, clay, and concrete are all prone to cracking outdoors over winter. The pots should be a lot larger than the plant because if they aren't, the plant wont do as well if left outside overwinter.

Subject: RE: South Facing Balcony
From: Ros
Date: 14-Mar-01 04:00 PM EST

Christina; If you want an exotic flowering vine to grow against your fence, try the Mandevilla Vine. It has lovely hibiscus-like flowers (pink one flowers more than the white variety) & thrives in that location. The stems 'twist' around a support so the new thin metal trellises are perfect for it! Cut to 12 inches before frost & grow indoors for the winter where it may flower again for you. Pricey, but worth it! Cascading over the edge of the planter, try some of the heat lovers such as scaveloa (sp?) from Proven Winners or trailing Tamari, or Bidens 'Golden Carpet'; planting 'Seascape' or 'Tri-Star' strawberries in a UFO hanging basket in the full sun will give you continous berries; tomatoes, peppers, cukes & zucchini can all be container-grown as well. Do include fragrant flowers such as vanilla-scented heliotrope & sweet evening scented stocks among your choices to invite you & guests. 'Royal Edward' rose, non-stop fragrant single pale-pink blooms until frost, will do well for you. Just a few ideas to get you started.

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