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Plants On The Move

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Amanda09-Mar-01 11:51 AM EST   
Linda09-Mar-01 11:34 PM EST   
Amanda14-Mar-01 11:16 AM EST   

Subject: Plants On The Move
From: Amanda
Date: 09-Mar-01 11:51 AM EST

I am moving from Nova Scotia to Alberta in a couple months. I can't take all my plants because I can only take what I can fit in my car. I'd like to take my 3 amaryllis with me. Can I take them out of the pots and replant them when I get there? Any help with this would be great. Thanks!

Subject: RE: Plants On The Move
From: Linda
Date: 09-Mar-01 11:34 PM EST

If the bulbs are dormant by all means take them out of the pot.

My aunt has given me many unusual perennials from her garden in N.S., that have grown well in Alberta. Take as many plants as possible.

Subject: RE: Plants On The Move
From: Amanda
Date: 14-Mar-01 11:16 AM EST

Thanks Linda for your advice. I am going to try and take as many plants as I can. The others I will give to my grandmother to care for. Thanks again.

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