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candy04-Mar-01 08:16 AM EST   
marg04-Mar-01 10:44 AM EST   
04-Mar-01 10:41 PM EST   
glen05-Mar-01 12:03 PM EST   
Millie05-Mar-01 12:53 PM EST   
Wendy05-Mar-01 03:15 PM EST   
glen05-Mar-01 04:42 PM EST   
Wendy06-Mar-01 12:54 PM EST   
Duncan McAlpine09-Mar-01 09:59 AM EST   

Subject: gardening forums
From: candy
Date: 04-Mar-01 08:16 AM EST

Does anyone know of anymore gardening forums that I may be able to go to.. I use to have more but lost everything on my puter and don't know where to go now.

Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: marg
Date: 04-Mar-01 10:44 AM EST is also a good one

Subject: RE: gardening forums
Date: 04-Mar-01 10:41 PM EST

Canadian Gardening

Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: glen
Date: 05-Mar-01 12:03 PM EST

The garden web forums are good. There are numerous ones, they even have a separate forum for roses, trees, hostas, etc. I especially like the Northern Gardening one. If you live on the West coast there is also a pacific northwest one. Here is the Northern Gardening one...

Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: Millie
Date: 05-Mar-01 12:53 PM EST

Candy. There are sooooo many out there, and it can be addicted to. My favourite is Canadian Gardening at Mark Cullen has a good one with useful information but the treads are not very active at and of course White Rose has one with useful information on landscaping and designs at

Hope this helps you to choose which one you will visit frequently.

Happy Gardening,


Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: Wendy
Date: 05-Mar-01 03:15 PM EST

Glen- could you post that pacific northwest site? Thanks for canadian gardening one, looks good but I'm on the west coast. Thanks.

Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: glen
Date: 05-Mar-01 04:42 PM EST

Here is the Northwest forum, I think you will enjoy it...

Also, here is a page that shows all of the Gardenweb forums. Basically they have forums for each region, and even some for types of plants (ex: a rose forum.)

There are also some general forums, to discuss trees, shrubs, perennials, for all zones as you can see when you go into the above site. Happy surfing!

Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: Wendy
Date: 06-Mar-01 12:54 PM EST

Thanks Glen, I can hardly wait to get into those forums. Out here we are already planting and preparing as it's so warm. Thanks again!

Subject: RE: gardening forums
From: Duncan McAlpine
Date: 09-Mar-01 09:59 AM EST

Gardenweb is the largest in Gardening sites, but if you keep coming back here, this will be your best source for gardening information.

Icangarden is run by only a few people who are devoted to gardening and providing you information.

I could list others.. but it is best to make this your home. I dont work and Im south of the border...

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