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LINDA04-Mar-01 02:07 AM EST   
Carolyn04-Mar-01 09:23 AM EST   
Sue Hendry10-Mar-01 08:18 PM EST   

Subject: poinsettias
Date: 04-Mar-01 02:07 AM EST

I have a poinsettia from Christmas that I would like to keep for next Christmas. Is it possible ??? And if so, How do I take care of it ?


Subject: RE: poinsettias
From: Carolyn
Date: 04-Mar-01 09:23 AM EST

I prefer to treat poinsettias like a temporary plant rather than trying to nurse them through the seasons with the hope that they'll look as good as last Christmas's. They require some maintenance and just aren't worth it in my opinion--they never bloom as profusely. Instead, I continue to support the poinsettia growers and buy new ones each year. I know many horticulturalists who also take this approach.

Subject: RE: poinsettias
From: Sue Hendry
Date: 10-Mar-01 08:18 PM EST

I've had my poinsettia for three years now. It blooms beautifully at Christmas and is around 3 feet tall. I live in Nelson, BC and all I do with my plant is this.

Water once a week-well.

Put it outside in the summer - around the end of May. I keep it well watered.

I bring it in in the fall - September and have it in a southwest facing window during the winter. It always blooms and as a matter of fact it still has gorgeous red leaves now.

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