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garden ponds and raccoon crap

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hershel03-Mar-01 06:45 PM EST   
Carolyn04-Mar-01 09:32 AM EST   

Subject: garden ponds and raccoon crap
From: hershel
Date: 03-Mar-01 06:45 PM EST

My beaches backyard with large maple and lots of wild things is, needless to say Prime Raccoon Real Estate. Hence, my neighbour the raccoon with whom I share a garden, provides daily very smelly markers on my pond. Other than picking it out of my thickly planted (thyme, savory) pond edge does anyone have an alternative to 24 hour vigils???

Subject: RE: garden ponds and raccoon crap
From: Carolyn
Date: 04-Mar-01 09:32 AM EST

As you've already guessed, it's almost impossible to deter a raccoon from your pond but you could try placing mothballs around your plants or purchasing a commercial animal deterrant and spray the area regularly. You could also lay a large piece of chicken wire over the pond and surrounding gardens. It must be weighted down heavily, however, as raccoons will try to lift it off. I know cats don't like to walk on chicken wire so maybe raccoons will hate it too! That's hopeful, eh? Anyway, at the very least, it should keep them from dipping into the pond. A good product that was introduced a year or two ago, is the Garden Scarecrow. At about $100.00, it is a motion-sensor sprinkler device that shoots a jet of water at intruders who come into it's range. Worth a try!

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