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Christmas Cactus Mystery

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Amanda02-Feb-01 06:09 PM EST   
wendy02-Feb-01 07:25 PM EST   
Susan04-Feb-01 05:43 PM EST   
glen05-Feb-01 11:09 AM EST   

Subject: Christmas Cactus Mystery
From: Amanda
Date: 02-Feb-01 06:09 PM EST

I purchased a Christmas Cactus from a garden center just after the holidays. It is a small plant and came in a 3 inch pot and was rootbound. I repotted it and have noticed that between the leaves on the underside of the leaves, it is sprouting roots. I have asked friends who have Xmas cactuses and they have never heard of this. Can anyone help me out?

Subject: RE: Christmas Cactus Mystery
From: wendy
Date: 02-Feb-01 07:25 PM EST

Hi Amanda I have a couple of Xmas cacti and yes, they grow hairy root like things between the leaves but I've never worried about it. Possibly they could be "rooted" if you were to remove some, but I've never bothered. Worth a try just for fun!

Subject: RE: Christmas Cactus Mystery
From: Susan
Date: 04-Feb-01 05:43 PM EST

Yes, Christmas Cactus will root at any 'segment' of the leaves. If it was pot-bound, it was probably desperately trying to find a way to 'save' itself and was trying to put down roots in a better environment!

Subject: RE: Christmas Cactus Mystery
From: glen
Date: 05-Feb-01 11:09 AM EST

I believe the plant does this if the humidity is moderate to high. Don't worry about it. As for starting new plants, its as easy as taking a few cuttings and putting in soil. Water a bit more than normal, but not soggy.

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