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carpet thyme

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Linda29-Jan-01 12:09 AM EST   
Bill29-Jan-01 12:48 AM EST   
ana zone 601-Feb-01 04:47 PM EST   
George02-Feb-01 07:29 AM EST   

Subject: RE: carpet thyme
From: Linda
Date: 29-Jan-01 12:09 AM EST

Is this also called Wooly Thyme?

Subject: RE: carpet thyme
From: Bill
Date: 29-Jan-01 12:48 AM EST

Richter's catalogue lists a thyme in the citrus group named Lemon Carpet Thyme (Thyme herba-barona cv.). I don't believe it can be propagated by seed. They offer a 120 plug tray for $70.00 so you might have to use the plug route to get the thyme established among your flagstones. It is listed as a Zone 6-8 plant. Wooly thyme is listed as Zone 5-7 but has been growing in my zone two garden for about 10 years.

Subject: RE: carpet thyme
From: ana zone 6
Date: 01-Feb-01 04:47 PM EST

thanks for your reply Bill. I was hoping that I would not have to resort to buying plugs...sowing seeds seems much easier. Maybe I shoud make my own "plugs " with the carpet thyme I already have Linda, I have wooly thyme and it is not the same as carpet thyme. The carpet thyme that I grow has no height whatsoever and is very dense in texture with almost round leaves. It is a dark green colour whereas wooly thyme has a somewhat grey cast to its green foliage. Carpet thyme is most similar to a creeping/steppable sedum ( I've forgotten the name now)

Subject: RE: carpet thyme
From: George
Date: 02-Feb-01 07:29 AM EST

I have never heard of carpet thyme but have heard of creeping thyme. We havelots of it in our yard. It's very tough stuff and very pretty when in full bloom. It lays very flat and loves ambling over rocks etc. The sunnier the better. My wife simply propagates it by digging up a clump and divides it up by breaking it apart. Every little sprig with a hair root on it will grow. We're in zone 3 and sometimes it winter kills but there is always enough alive in the spring to get things started again. It lies very flat like wooly thyme.

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