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Ann25-Jan-01 07:31 PM EST   
Linda25-Jan-01 11:55 PM EST   
JoanneS26-Jan-01 12:05 PM EST   
27-Jan-01 11:45 AM EST   
Brian @ P&P Plants27-Jan-01 04:41 PM EST   
Elizabeth27-Jan-01 06:52 PM EST   

Subject: Rotenone
From: Ann
Date: 25-Jan-01 07:31 PM EST

My husband said he saw on the news that they are now saying Rotenone is bad for us, he didn't catch anything more. Anyone else see it or know about this report?

Subject: RE: Rotenone
From: Linda
Date: 25-Jan-01 11:55 PM EST

It is fashionable once again to complain about chemicals. If chemicals are used with care, instructions are followed they are safe. This includes organic chemicals like rotenone or manmade ones.

Subject: RE: Rotenone
From: JoanneS
Date: 26-Jan-01 12:05 PM EST

I too remember seeing something about Rotenone, but I think they were talking about limiting it's use because they (whoever "they" were) don't really know the long-term effects of its use. Personally, I agree with Linda. Here is a product that is not harmful to pets (actually a recommended use for the treatment of fleas) that really worked for me, and somewhere, someone has decided that it "might" be harmful in "some" instances. How vague. I will continue to use Rotenone. Of course, common sense must come into play when using any products. I most certainly wouldn't use it every day, I wouldn't dust myself, and I most certainly wouldn't want the children rolling around in it. But used properly and in moderation, I believe it is a very effective treatment for many garden pests. It has never totally eliminted my pest problems, but has helped keep them manageable, and that is all I ask.

Subject: RE: Rotenone
Date: 27-Jan-01 11:45 AM EST

Subject: RE: Rotenone
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Date: 27-Jan-01 04:41 PM EST

The label on Rotenone list that it sholdn'y be put on vegetable for a certain time prior to harvest. It should be safe after that time. One should also wash and peel the vegetables to remove any lingering residue. The word Pesticide means more than the Industrial Produced Chemicals such as 24d, Round Up, Raid etc. A pesticide is a term for anything that will reduce pests. I would consider a hoe to be a pesticide as it removes any plants that I conside to be a pest. I think there should be some other term(s) used for Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Funguscides as these terms conjure up the idea that they are anything that is harmful to the rest of the environment. Is there a reference that would be more elaborate in describing pesticides so we all can be better informed as to the "Good" and the "Bad"?

Subject: RE: Rotenone
From: Elizabeth
Date: 27-Jan-01 06:52 PM EST

Ann asked about the safety of rotenone--I read in the latest issue of Organic Gardening mag. that studies at Stanford University and also Emory have suggested a connection between rotenone use and Parkinson's disease. That may or may not be what the news program was referring to.

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