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?mold on my Poinsettia

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Valerie25-Jan-01 07:27 PM EST   
Linda25-Jan-01 11:50 PM EST   
Valerie26-Jan-01 12:36 PM EST   
Patty27-Jan-01 03:13 AM EST   
Brian @ P&P Plants27-Jan-01 04:54 PM EST   

Subject: ?mold on my Poinsettia
From: Valerie
Date: 25-Jan-01 07:27 PM EST

My otherwise healthy Poinsettia is growing fluffy white spots on the leaves. What is this and how can I treat it? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanxs

Subject: RE: ?mold on my Poinsettia
From: Linda
Date: 25-Jan-01 11:50 PM EST

Have you ever seen Meally Bugs? Are the spots raised? If so try to pick one off. Meally bugs tend to be a bit goey.

If the leaves have transparent spots look for insects in the colored bracts or too much sun.

Subject: RE: ?mold on my Poinsettia
From: Valerie
Date: 26-Jan-01 12:36 PM EST

I haven't seen any bugs on the plant. Just the fuzz, which is slightly raised I guess. This stuff when touched is more dusty.

Subject: RE: ?mold on my Poinsettia
From: Patty
Date: 27-Jan-01 03:13 AM EST

This is the first year I've ever seen mold on my poinsettia. My sister has experienced it for the first time as well. It seems to be a white fuzzy. I have been spritzing mine, but my sister hasn't.The plants started with burnt, blackish areas.

Subject: RE: ?mold on my Poinsettia
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Date: 27-Jan-01 04:54 PM EST

Probably you should have some air circulation to help keep the huimidity down on the plants. If it is the Damp Off mold, it will not form on dry plant material. Try increasing the air flow around your plants.

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