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Building with Poplar Logs

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Brian @ P&P Plants29-Dec-00 11:05 AM EST   
Phil Myre29-Dec-00 03:16 PM EST   
Brian30-Dec-00 11:36 PM EST   
Phil Myre31-Dec-00 07:57 AM EST   

Subject: Building with Poplar Logs
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Date: 29-Dec-00 11:05 AM EST

I am topping about 30 Poplar trees. Then I am goin to cut it into short logs. I intend to use the short logs for walls in a storage building. I am going to stack the logs and mortar with mud & straw in between the logs. Does the Bark need to be removed, the logs split or both to prevent rot? Also any suggestions on the mix ratio of mud/straw? I am in zone 3 so I won't be able to start building until summer, but I can cut the logs now. Another question. Do the logs have to be as dry as fire wood or can they be used freshly cut?

Subject: RE: Building with Poplar Logs
From: Phil Myre
Date: 29-Dec-00 03:16 PM EST

ha your trying to build a cordwood building you will have to tell what size of building to know if you have enough logs but from what I see you will not the bark does not need to be removed but they have to be dry also you must put your logs through a bath of copper sulphate solution (thats to keep bugs out of the wood also preserves it also mud and straw will not hold it you will have to use cement and gravel to make a strong bond mud will just ooze out for some tyope of insolation use sawdust from a local mill they usually give it away once built proper you can heat it almost with a candle more or less and will last longer than you if done right you ask dry or wet well the need for dry is that the log has already shrunk if you put it in wet they will shrink and that way you will have to chink it and that is not a funny job . you might be better to have someone with a portable sawmill cut all your logs so that you can build a regular building with rough lumber for sure it will be easier to build and will take a lot less work no matter have fun but I still think you do not have enough logs Phil Myre

Subject: RE: Building with Poplar Logs
From: Brian
Date: 30-Dec-00 11:36 PM EST

Thanks Phil; I have also in mind to build using long lengths of poplar logs, 8 ft+ in length. Instead of notched corners, I would set up sets of two posts set wide enough to slide the logs down between the posts. This would eliminate cutting the logs into short lengths. The building will be for storage, no heating would be inside so insulating wouldn't be required. The mud & straw that the settlers used & white washed is still on some existing buildings that I have seen E. of Edmonton. Is there a certain type of Clay that works best? The building will be large enough to house my garden tractor, rototiller, lawnmowers & other mechanical equipment that is too large for my workshop. The dimensions may be about 12 X 20. Any ideas would be helpful.

Subject: RE: Building with Poplar Logs
From: Phil Myre
Date: 31-Dec-00 07:57 AM EST

Hi Brian well now we have switched in mid stream now I have an idea of what you are planning well here goes its kinda hard at time when you are only guessing what the other person is thinking. First of all the mud and straw you seen in those buildigs was used to chink the logs not for strenght but to keep out the cold winds in Alberta as you know when it blows out there it sure is cold as we lived in Edmonton in the 60's for 5 years then came east I look at what you are saying to me and really I wonder where the strenght is going to be to hold this building up as you know the house that you live in was built like you want to do this building for storage would come down with the first puff of wind so to speak it must be tied in together to have the ability to take what is expected of it no matter how you do it your best to make a plan so that all 4 corners are tied in and the roof is also that way you will not be working for nothing as you have the wood to do this it will still cost you money so you might as well do it right and that way it will last and you will not be out of pocket I just whish I was closer to show you oh well no matter have a happy new year keep in touch Phil

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