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Tracey15-Mar-00 11:15 PM EST   

Subject: Hello and welcome to the Mt.Denson G.C.
From: Tracey
Date: 15-Mar-00 11:15 PM EST

I would like to thank Donna Dawson for a wonderful chance at webdome and to see where this excusion will lead us all. SO , anyone out there drop me a line it can be about anything. I will try and help you with problems or just to chat. By the way I work in the 7th largest green house operation in the maritimes. The name of the place is AVON VALLEY GREENHOUSES LTD. I live 5 min. down the road from work and I work full time with the rose crops and I am called the 'alstrogirl' due to me working in the Alstroemeria houses. Later on I will make photo displays and do spotlights on our members and plants and other related items of intrest. Thanks and I hope to start hearing from everyone. }:o) Tracey

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