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Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs

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Pat07-Dec-00 02:46 PM EST   
Tess08-Dec-00 06:11 PM EST   
Holly16-May-01 07:43 AM EST   
Arne16-May-01 10:25 PM EST 8   
Dave17-May-01 04:02 PM EST   
03-Mar-02 03:28 PM EST 5a   
Will Creed07-Mar-02 03:43 PM EST   

Subject: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
From: Pat
Date: 07-Dec-00 02:46 PM EST

I have a five foot Norfolk that I have in a northeast window. I have noticed that it is dropping some of its lower limbs.

Question: What is the best light/exposure for this plant? What type of watering does it prefer?

Subject: RE: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
From: Tess
Date: 08-Dec-00 06:11 PM EST

I have a norfolk pine and I do know that it likes bright indirect light and likes to dry out somewhat between watering. Are the needles turning yellow and brown before the limbs drop off? If they are, I am pretty sure it is from a lack of light. I know for certain they like cool surroundings, they do not like it hot. Hope it helps.

Subject: RE: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
From: Holly
Date: 16-May-01 07:43 AM EST

I have the same problem with my pine. Help!

Subject: RE: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
From: Arne
Zone: 8
Date: 16-May-01 10:25 PM EST

Norfork Pines are native to New Caladonia in the South Pacfic so going from that I would suggest your humidity is not high enough to fulfil its needs. Try placing a cold vaporizor in the room with it and this should help a lot. A good room for it is in a hot tub room if you have one indoors.

Subject: RE: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
From: Dave
Date: 17-May-01 04:02 PM EST

I've had a Norfolk Pine for about 6 years. The first year I lost a lot of limbs (I think) due to lack of watering. I have it in a South-west window near a hot water register (it sounds like this is not the ideal location?) and as long as I pour in about 2 gallons of water every week or so, it has thrived. During the winter the humidity in our house is relatively high due to the hot water heating system. You don't get the drying of the air you would get from forced air furnaces but the pines is in a hot and sunny location. I think the key is to water lots but let the soil dry down inbetween but never let the soil dry out. They're great trees to have. Starting the first of December, we decorate our Norfolk to get into the Christmas spirit, then closer to Christmas we get the more traditional Christmas tree.

Subject: RE: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
Zone: 5a
Date: 03-Mar-02 03:28 PM EST

how much water should I be giving it. I'm in Ontario, it's indoors, I have natural gas forced furnace, It was in my hallway but it was dark, so I moved it to the kitchen where it is lighter.. but it's near the register. It looks awful it's hard and crunchy.. it looks dreadful. It's a good size I didn't know if I should repot it or just keep watering it more...

Subject: RE: Norfolk Pine dropping its limbs
From: Will Creed
Date: 07-Mar-02 03:43 PM EST

To blank:

Your NIP is suffering from lack of light. This plant requires a sunny window. More water and larger pots are not replacements for light. In fact, plants in reduced light use less water and their roots shrink rather than expand.

Water thoroughly only when the top 1 - 2 inches of soil are dry.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Will Creed, Horticulturist Horticultural Help, NYC Email:

P.S. You may be interested in my website at

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