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living christmas trees

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b06-Nov-00 05:56 PM EST   
Jane07-Nov-00 11:00 PM EST   
Linda08-Nov-00 01:14 AM EST   
glen09-Nov-00 05:48 PM EST   
m. glen12-Dec-01 04:27 PM EST   

Subject: living christmas trees
From: b
Date: 06-Nov-00 05:56 PM EST

Looking for advice on planting a live tree after Xmas, in zone 5. I previously had a nice little grove of Christmas trees in my zone 8b garden that made it through winter if well watered. Will one survive in zone? Thanks!

Subject: RE: living christmas trees
From: Jane
Date: 07-Nov-00 11:00 PM EST

The difference between zone 8 and zone 5 in Janurary is that you may have a very frozen ground to try and break. Put it in a winter hardy pot and keep it outside in a sheltered spot next to the house until April or May and plant it then. Sheltered spot in this case means not too much wind and not too much sun.

Subject: RE: living christmas trees
From: Linda
Date: 08-Nov-00 01:14 AM EST

Expect this plant to be stressed out when it comes from the warm house and is put into sub zero weather.

Subject: RE: living christmas trees
From: glen
Date: 09-Nov-00 05:48 PM EST

I agree with Linda, the plant would be in for a big shock going into a deep freeze after tropical-like indoors. Often, to prepare for winter, trees go through a gradual internal change in autumn and this takes many weeks with outside temperatures gradually cooling off. Also, the trees outside in the ground benefit from having the roots insulated by the soil and snow. In a small pot the roots can freeze below what the plant can handle. An insulated pot will only work up to a certain point of cold, often if the roots get colder than -5 C or so they will die. I live in a colder zone 3, here I think there would be no chance of it surviving being put outside in January. Perhaps a cool basement window and water sparingly until spring? Or, maybe the weather will cooperate and your ground outside will be unfrozen. Interested to hear others experiences in handling this.

Subject: RE: living christmas trees
From: m. glen
Date: 12-Dec-01 04:27 PM EST

We have had good success with this in the Guelph area. This year we will try on the Bruce Penninsula. We buy our tree (potted - huge rootball). Place out on our back deck. Decorate it with lights etc. and enjoy looking at it out there while we are dining and/or in the family room in the evenings (through the patio doors). Keeps the mess out of the house but we still have our tree. And in spring we plant it out in the garden as soon as the ground thaws. To store for winter, we place it up against the house on more shady/less windy side of house. Throw some burlap and old blankets/sheets, whatever around the root/pot. Pile snow onto that part. All that to keep it from the freeze/thaw syndrome. It has worked beautifully for many years, and we have acquired some nice landscaping with all those trees.

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