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1940s Garden

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Mary-Kathleen Dunn05-Nov-00 09:35 AM EST   
Brian @ Prairie & Parkland Plants05-Nov-00 03:59 PM EST   
Marina06-Nov-00 05:10 PM EST   
marg06-Nov-00 08:44 PM EST   
Jane07-Nov-00 11:47 PM EST   

Subject: 1940s Garden
From: Mary-Kathleen Dunn
Date: 05-Nov-00 09:35 AM EST

I'm trying to design a 1940s style garden. Can anyone tell me what types of flower and vegetable varieties might have existed in a 1940s garden (this includes victory gardens)? Any information would be very much appreciated.

Subject: RE: 1940s Garden
From: Brian @ Prairie & Parkland Plants
Date: 05-Nov-00 03:59 PM EST

This would be possibly recoverable from Seed Catalogues from that era. Auction Sales, Used Book Store, Collectors may be sources of information.

Subject: RE: 1940s Garden
From: Marina
Date: 06-Nov-00 05:10 PM EST

Used books are a great idea. also check out you local library, they'll probably have at least a few books on creating period gardens, and most books on just one type of plant(like a book on roses) will ussually list introduction dates.

Subject: RE: 1940s Garden
From: marg
Date: 06-Nov-00 08:44 PM EST

That's going to be a great garden when it's done. Here are some thoughts, go to the local museum and check out the old photos. Walk around your neighbourhood and look at the gardens surrounding the older homes. Most of the homeowners would probably be willing to talk to you about their gardens. You can also check out some of the ecology gardens. Some of them have tours and they would be happy to talk to you. Just some suggestions.

Subject: RE: 1940s Garden
From: Jane
Date: 07-Nov-00 11:47 PM EST

The BBC did a great series a few years ago about how people cooked on rationing and what they planted in their gardens during the war. I think it was something like "The Wartime Kitchen Garden". It was brilliant. Very like the victorian series only 50 years later. The BBC has a website and a virtual "store" where you can buy their videos and accompanying books.

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