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fugus nats are driving me nuts

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Anna29-Oct-00 09:55 AM EST   
John29-Oct-00 09:56 PM EST   
glen01-Nov-00 11:08 AM EST   
Joanne02-Nov-00 12:24 PM EST   
Donna02-Nov-00 10:53 PM EST   

Subject: fugus nats are driving me nuts
From: Anna
Date: 29-Oct-00 09:55 AM EST

Fungus nats have taken over my home! Can I get rid of them without repotting every plant or using chemicals? I've tried those sticky insect strips but they just laughed at them....

Subject: RE: fugus nats are driving me nuts
From: John
Date: 29-Oct-00 09:56 PM EST

Anna.Get some cedar bark and break it up in small pieces and mix this in with the soil of all your plants in the house.Than get some cinamon powder and sprinkle that on top of the soil of all the plants.I garanty you the fungus gnats will be gone in a few days.

Subject: RE: fugus nats are driving me nuts
From: glen
Date: 01-Nov-00 11:08 AM EST

I can relate, those annoying gnats are overtaking my house too. I did a bit of research, those little gnats apparently lay their eggs in the top layer of the soil and the larvae feed on nutrients in the soil and on the plant roots. Apparently they can only survive if the soil is moist, the larvae will die in very dry soil. One solution is to let the plants dry out very well before watering. The only bad thing is that not all plants will survive if they dry out too severely. I guess using those yellow strips helps somewhat, though doesn't kill them in the larvae stage when they are in the soil. I watered my houseplants with a solution of cygon and water, I don't like using that in the house but it was getting really terrible. I will have to try the cinnamon trick, sounds safer too. Is it just me or does anyone have this problem come up whenever they bring a new plant home from the store?

Subject: RE: fugus nats are driving me nuts
From: Joanne
Date: 02-Nov-00 12:24 PM EST

It is not just you. Almost everytime I bring something home, it has a hitchhiker of some sort. Two years ago, I was completely infested with fungas gnats. I was told it was because of the dryness and lack of humidity that they thrived. I sprayed with insecticidal soap every few days, I used the sticky strips, etc. I finally had to buy a fungas gnat killer powder from my local garden centre. That took care of the problem. I've got a few this year, but not enough to worry about, and the sticky strips seem to work with the small numbers I have this year.

Subject: RE: fugus nats are driving me nuts
From: Donna
Date: 02-Nov-00 10:53 PM EST

here is a product that I use...but be sure to read directions. I have used it to control gnats with very good results.

Grow N Care Fungus Gnat Dust by Later's

It is a powder that you dust on top of the soil then water with any insecticide, read directions!!

It is a houseplant soil insecticide...

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