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Nancy21-Oct-00 10:11 PM EST   
Barbara Jackson09-Nov-00 01:46 PM EST   
Brian @ Prairie & Parkland Plants28-Dec-00 07:13 PM EST   

Subject: Now that we've put the garden to bed...
From: Nancy
Date: 21-Oct-00 10:11 PM EST

What do you do in the winter with all the "free" time you have when you're not gardening? My garden season (starting seeds) begins again in February if I can wait that long! Until then, I like to paint folk art on wood and I also make scrapbooks for my kids' memories (Creative Memories). Spring cleaning usually begins right after Christmas, because after seeds start sprouting, there's no time to do anything else!

Subject: RE: Now that we've put the garden to bed...
From: Barbara Jackson
Date: 09-Nov-00 01:46 PM EST

Hi Nancy, My gardening ended rather abruptly with the onslaught of the first winter storm of the season this week. There were still violas and annual pinks blooming profusely but now they are all covered in about 30 cms. of snow. Never did get the leaves gathered and shredded so I am hoping that the snow stays and that there aren't any freeze/ thaw cycles like the last couple of years. My "off" time this winter will be spent doing plant databases for my lilium, iris, daylily and miscellaneous plants. It is quite an ambitious undertaking and if I am lucky there will be time to get it all done. The biggest hurdle is knowing what is out there so I started by making lists of each plant type. Then I'll design specific databases in Access 2000, add photos and descriptions and be totally organized. Yeah, right. I can hope anyhow. My seed starting has begun with some trumpet lily seeds in the plant room and some coleus and sedum cuttings. But, the seed starting bug will really be starting around February when I plan to start heuchera, lupins, hosta and daylily seeds. Most has been received in trades over the year and some I just had to buy myself. So that's how I'll be spending my winter. BJ

Subject: RE: Now that we've put the garden to bed...
From: Brian @ Prairie & Parkland Plants
Date: 28-Dec-00 07:13 PM EST

I have a Nusery for Native Flowers, Shrubs & Trees. Now that winter is set in, I am collecting, processing packaging & marketing shrub seeds. Like yoou, Barbara, I am preparing a Guide for the Identification, Seed Collection, Processing, Storage & Propagation of the Species that I have. I am using MS Word. Does Access 2000 give a better way of entering the data, pictures & text than Word? I would like to create a small Field Guide that would be about the size of an address book, small enough that one would carry it in a pocket. Any input you could provide would be appreciated. I have done a few species & could E-mail you a sample if you are interested. Brian 403 631-2398

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