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ginkgo in colder zones, winter mulch?

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glenn16-Oct-00 05:59 PM EST   
Coral22-Oct-00 08:09 PM EST   
Glenn23-Oct-00 04:44 PM EST   
Janet23-Oct-00 06:22 PM EST   

Subject: ginkgo in colder zones, winter mulch?
From: glenn
Date: 16-Oct-00 05:59 PM EST

I have a ginkgo tree, purchased last year. Last fall, I read to apply mulch around the base of the tree to insulate the root zone for the winter. I mounded peat moss and then covered with leaves and ensured the snow piled around the tree in winter. This worked fine. I am interested in hearing from other ginkgo growers in zones 4,3, or even 2. Do you take this protective measure of mulching over the roots for the winter? If so, what method do you use? It seems I read that the branches are actually quite hardy, it's the root zone that is susceptible to freezing out. Does the tree outgrow this, I read they do get hardier once they are older. Just curious, some websites state the tree is hardy to zone 3 but don't mention winter protection. I have read in Lois Hole's book Favorite Trees that ginkgo does grow at the University of Edmonton, I wonder if they winter protect their tree? Thanks for your help.

Subject: RE: ginkgo in colder zones, winter mulch?
From: Coral
Date: 22-Oct-00 08:09 PM EST

Your ginkgo tree is quite hardy, however as long as it is small enough to protect, it does benefit from a winter overcoat. I have a friend who kept hers in a pot and took it in the house for the first three years, then planted it out in her yard. It is now four feet high. I left mine out in the ground all year and even with winter protection it couldn't keep up to hers. I have never heard that the root zone would be less hardy then the rest, unless maybe it would be in a raised bed or pot outside. I'm in Zone 6 (Nova Scotia)

Subject: RE: ginkgo in colder zones, winter mulch?
From: Glenn
Date: 23-Oct-00 04:44 PM EST

Coral, mulching the root zone is something I read in a book and our local nursery recommends it, however, we are zone 3 so that is probably why the extra measure. I am just curious, if you don't mind me asking, did you start your tree from seed or purchase it? How high is it and how old? I am just curious to how much (or little) growth I can expect. Thanks

Subject: RE: ginkgo in colder zones, winter mulch?
From: Janet
Date: 23-Oct-00 06:22 PM EST

Coral, I'm curious as to how well the Ginkgo survived the winter outside after your friend overwintered it in the house for three years. I would have thought that this might "train" the tree to be less hardy. Garden books tell us to buy locally raised (and thus locally hardy) stock; that the same seeds grown in separate and diverse climates adapt from seedlings to the climate they are grown in.

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