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Northern Exposure

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Barbara11-Oct-00 11:00 PM EST   
Katherine12-Oct-00 06:19 PM EST   
Brian @ Prairie & Parkland Plants.15-Oct-00 05:39 PM EST   
Debbie21-Oct-00 09:00 AM EST   

Subject: Northern Exposure
From: Barbara
Date: 11-Oct-00 11:00 PM EST

Hi,... I have area in my garden that I need help with: (the area is approx 10' x 20') it is dappled with sun only occasionally, faces north get the north wind, is a waterfront location just below the 50th parallel, is surrounded by huge first growth firs, and is very stubborn although moss seems to love it as does ladysmantle and saxafragia). I can grow hostas and escolonias but need some suggestions for texture and colour. Thanks from an aspiring gardener.

Subject: RE: Northern Exposure
From: Katherine
Date: 12-Oct-00 06:19 PM EST

One of my favorites is fern-leaf bleeding heart. White Nancy Lamium and the pink Lamium (the name escapes me at the moment)are fast growing ground covers. Ostrich ferns and Jacobs Ladder look lovely with the standard bleeding heart. Try Solomens Seal, elephant ears and coral bells. Kennelworth Ivy is also a lovely (but tiny!)ground cover. Good luck!!

Subject: RE: Northern Exposure
From: Brian @ Prairie & Parkland Plants.
Date: 15-Oct-00 05:39 PM EST

It sounds like you get alot of shading from your house & trees. If you want shrubs, there are a few that will grow in low to medium light. The High Bush Cranberry, Gooseberry, Raspberry and Red Osier Dogwood would be shrubs that may fit your requirements.

Subject: RE: Northern Exposure
From: Debbie
Date: 21-Oct-00 09:00 AM EST

Hi Barbara, also put astilbes in, columbines love shade, Lady's mantle, cimicifugas, ligularias. This will give you nice plants all season. Lysimachia nummalaria for ground cover and L.punctata for colour and height.

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