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Bridal veil

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Joanne08-Oct-00 02:27 PM EST   
Bill09-Oct-00 08:11 PM EST   
William09-Oct-00 11:56 PM EST   
Joanne10-Oct-00 12:04 PM EST   
marko23-Feb-01 09:59 PM EST   
Connie03-Mar-01 02:13 PM EST   

Subject: Bridal veil
From: Joanne
Date: 08-Oct-00 02:27 PM EST

I bought a plant called a bridal veil at a plabt sale. Does anyone know the proper name for this plant. What about the light and care for it?

Subject: RE: Bridal veil
From: Bill
Date: 09-Oct-00 08:11 PM EST

Joanne, if the plant you are identifying is a bush, it is probably a Bridal Veil Spirea. These plants require full sun and fair drainage. They should not be sitting in damp soil or in too much shade. They will have a cascade of delicate white flowers in June. Quite large at maturity.

Subject: RE: Bridal veil
From: William
Date: 09-Oct-00 11:56 PM EST

Joanne, is your plant an indoor plant or a shrub? If it's an indoor plant it is most likely Tahitian Bridal Veil (Tradescantia multiflora). It has purplish-green foliage and small white flowers. Keep out of direct sun, do not let the soil dry out and provide fairly high humidity (mist if necessary). Use a standard potting mix and feed every 2 weeks during spring and summer. Bridal Veil roots easily. Just stick some tip growth (about 3 inch lenghts) in your favorite rooting media and they'll root. No rooting hormone is necessary. Bridal Veil is often used as a filler in outdoor shade hanging baskets.

Subject: RE: Bridal veil
From: Joanne
Date: 10-Oct-00 12:04 PM EST

That's it William! Thanks for all the info. I hope I can get it to flower. Seems like my house plants do not like to flower much but boy do they grow! Lots of green! I have a hoya 4 years old and I'm still waiting for it to flower.


Subject: RE: Bridal veil
From: marko
Date: 23-Feb-01 09:59 PM EST

There are a couple different botanical names for bridal vail. It also goes under the name of Gibasis. just thought you should know...

Subject: RE: Bridal veil
From: Connie
Date: 03-Mar-01 02:13 PM EST

Hi, I am not good with plants. My tahtian bridal veil has been hanging in a room with part sun in the morning. I was misting , and watering about every two weeks. the tag said allow soil to be dry til next watering. So anyway my plant is almost dead I thnk. still some green, but most dry and dead that I have tried to pull off. I have hung her on my front porch now that gets afternoon sun. Can I save her now? How?I pulled a couple good parts out , and stuck them in another pot.Will they root? Sincerely, no good with plants,....but I wanna be

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