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I want this tree

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Claire-Ontario18-Sep-00 07:53 PM EST   
Verda18-Sep-00 09:59 PM EST   
Claire-Ontario23-Sep-00 05:10 PM EST   

Subject: I want this tree
From: Claire-Ontario
Date: 18-Sep-00 07:53 PM EST

Hi everybody.....I've read about this tree before and couldn't seem to find it listed anywhere.

Art Drysdales' article on this website talks about this late blooming tree on his own property.

Its called "seven-son flower (Heptacodium).....anybody have info on it....other names it goes by, ht., sun/shade, type of bloom etc etc.

My curiosity is aroused....

Subject: RE: I want this tree
From: Verda
Date: 18-Sep-00 09:59 PM EST

Hi Claire: Here is further info regarding this tree. However, unless you live in downtown Toronto or at Point Pelee it is not likely you can grow this tree successfully. It is hardy from Zone 6 to 9 meaning that Zone 6 is borderline. It grows to a height of 610 cm.(20 ft), and a spread of 2 -3 meters (8-10 ft.) requires sandy loam to clay loam growing medium, is drought tolerant, low maintenance, in full sun or dappled shade. Flowers are cream to white in clusters at the tips of the branches. Hope this helps you.

Subject: RE: I want this tree
From: Claire-Ontario
Date: 23-Sep-00 05:10 PM EST

Thanks for your imput Verda.... I have since heard back from Art Drysdale and he told me to check his previous articles as he's written about this tree previously.

Don't ask me how I did it but I did find a complete listing of every article he's done for this site and was successful in finding two that he had done that answered my questions.

Sounds like it has only been available for the past two years or so thru nurseries. Sheridan in particular, but he felt that any nursery would be able to order it.

His own tree is 3 -5 years old now and he really loves it. He has put the zone at 5 in Brampton I would be safe...... this is what he says about it....

Flowers mid-Sept or later than the Rose of Sharon the blooms are not spectacular or particularly fragrant. they are small clusters of creamy white trumpet shaped blooms (like a honeysuckle), in groups of seven.

Bark exfloiates in winter, leaves in fall turn unspectacular yellowish in the fall and will stay on the tree late into the fall season. after flowering the tips turn reddish and red fruit developes briefly before they turn a tan color.

The tree can be grown as a small single trunk tree of up to 20' or as a multi-branched shrub of lessor ht.

Low maintenance, fast growing, but not broad,(8'-10' spread), tolerant of most conditions....wet/dry; acid/alkaline; likes sun but will take afternoon shade (like Art's)....he quotes " that you should try this tree if you are looking for a nice open, fast growing,fall blooming tree" ....and, I add my two sense worth ....with the added "interest" of changing colors,(flowers, berries, leaves) and exfoliating bark for winter interest. Sounds like a very well rounded addition to any garden.

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