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what to do about calla lillies

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janis french13-Sep-00 12:19 PM EST   
Pam16-Sep-00 01:52 PM EST   
donna16-Sep-00 03:44 PM EST   
AprilWine17-Sep-00 09:52 AM EST   
laurel09-Mar-01 01:11 AM EST   

Subject: what to do about calla lillies
From: janis french
Date: 13-Sep-00 12:19 PM EST

My mother-inlaw has a large pot out on her patio with about 5 or 6 tall plants in it. They bloomed and now have seed pods where the blossoms were. She needs to know what to do with this pot of bulbs. She wants to bring them in the house but has no information on their care. Help would be greatly appreciated. thanks p.s. these were all different coloured calla lillies.

Subject: RE: what to do about calla lillies
From: Pam
Date: 16-Sep-00 01:52 PM EST

You treat callas similar to glad bulbs. Harvest the bulb, dust with bulb dust and store in peat moss in a container in a cool place ( I have used a frig for years). Bring them out in late March and pot them up again. I transplant them from the pot into the soil late May.

Subject: RE: what to do about calla lillies
From: donna
Date: 16-Sep-00 03:44 PM EST

I bought a calla lily bulb last year called Flame. It bloomed very well last year. This year I potted it in a a6 inch pot and it only had 3 leaves on it and no flowers. Could some one tell me why.

Subject: RE: what to do about calla lillies
From: AprilWine
Date: 17-Sep-00 09:52 AM EST

Since the Calla lilies have been producing seed, not much energy has been returned to the bulb. If you want to recover, store and regrow the bulbs, you must cut off the flower stalks as soon as the bloom is finished. Personally I have not had much success with this. I have stored and then potted the bulbs in the early spring and they were actually flowering indoors, but after hardening them off and planting them outside, I had lovely foliage but no further blooming. It sounds like your mother wants to continue growing the plant rather than harvest viable bulbs. She could bring it indoors and try to give it similar lighting and moisture, but she will likely find the plant will decline, particularly as it has spent its energy producing seed. Good Luck!

Subject: RE: what to do about calla lillies
From: laurel
Date: 09-Mar-01 01:11 AM EST

I am planting calla lillies in pots to use the flowers for my wedding. I need to know how long it may take them to bloom. If I want a bouquet of about 10 flowers, how many plants will I need. Thx! - Laurel

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