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Saving seeds

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Donna West12-Sep-00 08:06 AM EST   
Marg12-Sep-00 09:34 AM EST   
Brian15-Sep-00 07:44 PM EST   

Subject: Saving seeds
From: Donna West
Date: 12-Sep-00 08:06 AM EST

Would someone be so kind as to tell me which of the following plants I can save seeds from to grow next year.Petunias,Pansies,Violas,Hibiscus,Blue and Red Salvia,Ageratum,and Cosmos. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Saving seeds
From: Marg
Date: 12-Sep-00 09:34 AM EST

I'm new to seed saving to. I know that you can save seed from the petunias, pansies, hibiscus, cosmos and salvia. Not sure about the ageratum. When I started to collect seeds, I bought a book called 'Seed Sowing and Saving'. The author is Carole B. Turner and publisher is Storey Publications. It tells you everything you need to know. The price was $28.50. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Saving seeds
From: Brian
Date: 15-Sep-00 07:44 PM EST

Most seeds can be saved. The trick is to identify the seed from other flower parts. The seed is usually in a pod or head that is located at the base of the flower. As long as you are not dead heading your flowers, but leaving them to run the course, there should be a seed capsule. Also the plant must have been able to fertilized by insects or somenthing else so the seed develops. Probably you know all of this, but to help, I will pass it on to you. Don't be to anxious to collect the seed as the seed must be mature so it will germinate. If the seed has turned dark and is quite hard, it probably is mature. Just for your reference, pick a seed pod that is still green & note the color of the seeds in it. They may be white or shades of green. Then compare seeds from a dry pod. Once you have collected the seed pods then you must remove the seed from the pod. Depending upon the plant, the technique may differ. If you need help, e-mail me. Storage is critical as the seeds must be stored cool, dry & dark, just the opposite of planting which is moist, light, & warmth. Good luck, you will know next spring by your seedling germination if you did OK.

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