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Container Rose bushes

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Glenda29-Aug-00 11:03 PM EST   
Carolyn30-Aug-00 10:12 AM EST   
glen31-Aug-00 11:15 AM EST   

Subject: Container Rose bushes
From: Glenda
Date: 29-Aug-00 11:03 PM EST

I have a beautiful rose bush planted in the original container. I do not have a place to plant it since I live on the top floor of an apartment building. Any suggestions on how to winter it? I live in Edmonton, and am wondering if I should bring it into the house for the winter, or would that kill it? Help!

Subject: RE: Container Rose bushes
From: Carolyn
Date: 30-Aug-00 10:12 AM EST

Container plants are particularly susceptible to freeze and thaw cycles of winter and many don't often make it to spring as a result. You can bring it inside, it may be alright through the winter. You could try finding a much larger(and lightweight--since you can't weigh down your balcony) container and insulating it really well around the sides. I've seen this done with styrofoam peanuts and landscaping fabric--let me know if you want instructions.

Subject: RE: Container Rose bushes
From: glen
Date: 31-Aug-00 11:15 AM EST

Plants in pots outside usually do not survive the winter. I think the basic reason is that the soil gets too cold. A plant in the ground has snow covering the ground which insulates and keeps the roots relatively warmer than the air temperature. I would think your only option is to take your rose inside. You may want to cut back a bit and spray with a insecticide soap (ensure it's safe to use on roses.) I did grow miniature roses inside one year, yours would be similar. Check regularly for bugs and spray if necessary. Try to give as much light as possible. It might not grow much over winter due to short days, and the plant is resting, but should resume in spring. If it gets scragly looking you may want to trim again before setting back outside in May.

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