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Best Plants for Containers

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PennyNikkel25-Aug-00 03:39 PM EST   
Carolyn25-Aug-00 04:26 PM EST   
Tess25-Aug-00 07:34 PM EST   
cindy30-Aug-00 12:25 PM EST   

Subject: Best Plants for Containers
From: PennyNikkel
Date: 25-Aug-00 03:39 PM EST

Hi. I'm wondering what plants have performed the best for you in containers. I think that with our colder climate, that some of the plants I hear about on other forums, don't always do so well up here.

The ones that do great for me are: nicotiana, portulaca, nemesia, petunia and geranium.

Disappointed in verbena, it doesn't seem to grow for me.

What are your best plants for long-term bloom and great growth?

Subject: RE: Best Plants for Containers
From: Carolyn
Date: 25-Aug-00 04:26 PM EST

I live in a warm zone, zone 7 but we've had an unusually cool, wet summer. Most of my container plants grew tall and spindly as a result; zinnias, lavatera and calendula. The ones that performed best for me were million bells(terracotta), bidens, trailing verbena--the upright form died on me last month, pink baby's breath, and double impatiens. Oh Ya, my BEST performer was the yellow tuberous begonias. For some reason, the yellow fared far better than the red, coral and orange ones I have.

Subject: RE: Best Plants for Containers
From: Tess
Date: 25-Aug-00 07:34 PM EST

I live in zone 5,and we too have had a cool, wet summer. The lawns, trees and my gardens look great though. I have found that for the heat and sun-when we had any-my geraniums, new wonder(a new trailer that's lavender) and portulacas have done fantastic. In the shade, the good old stand by impatients have quite well, so have the german ivy, licorice plants,and tuberous begonias. The fushia, in hanging baskets, have done fantastic, especially since it has been cool and wet.

Subject: RE: Best Plants for Containers
From: cindy
Date: 30-Aug-00 12:25 PM EST

I am really partial to annual snapdragons, they fill the pots lushly and the blooms are vibrant. Also, they don't fade as fast in the autumn. I had a pot of snaps last year that was budding and blooming well into November, until sub-zero temperatures finally subdued it. I'm in zone 4.

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