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pruning clematis

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Carol24-Aug-00 10:48 PM EST   
claire-Ontario24-Aug-00 11:50 PM EST   
Jude25-Aug-00 12:33 AM EST   
Joanne25-Aug-00 02:00 PM EST   

Subject: pruning clematis
From: Carol
Date: 24-Aug-00 10:48 PM EST

When and how much do you prun clematis. I have three different clematis, I never know what I should do with them, Thanks Carol

Subject: RE: pruning clematis
From: claire-Ontario
Date: 24-Aug-00 11:50 PM EST

Hi Carole: I have a Jackmanii, Hagely Hybrid and Comtess Bouchard ....I trim them back every March to about 12" will be astonished at how rapidly they grow after that brutal trimming. I also have a fall clematis that I also trim back and it is a VERY prolific grower.

Clemitis like alkaline soil so a handful of lime around that time will be appreciated. Altho I have not used lime for the last two years...I guess they are fairly well established but now having said that - I'll likely find that I'll have to "lime" them next year !!!

Hope this clarifies some of the confusion.

Subject: RE: pruning clematis
From: Jude
Date: 25-Aug-00 12:33 AM EST

There's 3 main different types of clematis that have different pruning requirements.

Try checking out the following sites:

Subject: RE: pruning clematis
From: Joanne
Date: 25-Aug-00 02:00 PM EST

Trimming Jackmani in March may work in warmer climates; however, I find the winter cold kills them down to the ground very nicely for me and in March I'm still knee deep in snow, hoping for a Chinook, to remind me that the wind can blow warm. Definitely not the time to find new clematis shoots. I've only had luck with the Alpinas and the types that bloom on new growth, like the Jackmani. I have over-wintered the third variety but the buds have never survived a prairier winter. Good luck, clematis are one of my favourites.

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