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Monarch Butterflies

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Tess22-Aug-00 07:40 PM EST   
Marg22-Aug-00 09:29 PM EST   
Glen, Regina, SK23-Aug-00 11:33 AM EST   
Debbie24-Aug-00 02:23 AM EST   
Susan27-Aug-00 08:29 AM EST   

Subject: Monarch Butterflies
From: Tess
Date: 22-Aug-00 07:40 PM EST

I would like to attract monarch butterflies to my gardens. I know that they need milkweed to lay their eggs on and feed their larvae. What I need to know is if I can just harvest the seed in the fall, when it has ripened, and plant them in the prepared soil, or do I need the 'parent' plant. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

Subject: RE: Monarch Butterflies
From: Marg
Date: 22-Aug-00 09:29 PM EST

I love attracting butterflys to my garden! That was one reason I got the purple coneflower. As soon as it opens, it is covered with butterflys. Other plants that attract butterflys are butterfly weeds (asclepia) and the buddleia (butterfly bush). I would not take a plant from the wild and put it in my garden. If you really wanted to I think you could harvest some seeds in the fall.

Subject: RE: Monarch Butterflies
From: Glen, Regina, SK
Date: 23-Aug-00 11:33 AM EST

You can buy a packet of Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa) seed from the Devonian Gardens near Edmonton via this URL:

I grew several Showy Milkweed plants for my garden using their seed.

Subject: RE: Monarch Butterflies
From: Debbie
Date: 24-Aug-00 02:23 AM EST

Hi Tess, I live in Toronto, and I don't grow milkweed in our garden but we do get a lot of butterflies especially monarchs and swallowtails, almost everyday. The butterflies feed in the spring on the lilacs and then move on to the scabiosa, bee balm and coneflowers. You can collect milkweed seeds in the fall as the pods ripen to plant for the followimg year, but I know in my area milkweed was considered a weed and was illegal to plant in the garden. Good luck Debbie

Subject: RE: Monarch Butterflies
From: Susan
Date: 27-Aug-00 08:29 AM EST

s others have noted, butterfly bush and purple cone flower will attract Monarch, but the thing they absolutrly love, I'vr found, is Joe Pye Weed. We've had 6-8 butterflies feasting on them all at the same time. My husband thinks they're getting drunk on it!

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