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Monarch Butterflies

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Tess22-Aug-00 07:37 PM EST   
Sheri23-Aug-00 02:21 PM EST   

Subject: Monarch Butterflies
From: Tess
Date: 22-Aug-00 07:37 PM EST

I would like to attract monarch butterflies to my gardens. I know that they need milkweed to lay their eggs on and feed their larvae. Can I just gather seeds in the fall, when they are ripe, and plant them in the prepared soil or do I need the 'parent' plant? Thanks for any help.

Subject: RE: Monarch Butterflies
From: Sheri
Date: 23-Aug-00 02:21 PM EST

Tess, When I was young, I used to watch the monarchs fluttering around in the field behind our house. And of course being kids, we always had a jar full of the colourful caterpillars in the house. When the seed pod ripens and splits open, just take some of the seeds and stick them in the me, they'll grow! Not sure if you need to re-seed each year or if they are perennial.

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