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growing raspberries

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Subject: growing raspberries
From: sheri
Date: 21-Aug-00 11:41 AM EST

My Grandmother gave me some raspberry canes two years ago. Only one survived which bore fruit this summer. I have about 4 or 5 that will bear fruit next summer. My question is this: instead of thinning out the smaller shoots to give the larger ones more room, can I dig them up and transplant them (thus getting them to spread quicker)? Has anyone ever tried this? One more question to all my cyber gardening can I keep the yellowjackets from sucking the juice from the berries??? With only one cane bearing fruit this year, it ticked me off to loose some of the best berries. Thanks for your help!!

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: Butch
Date: 26-Aug-00 07:13 PM EST

Yes you can dig them up and transplant them. Keep them watered for the first week or 2. Can't help you with the yellowjackets, had the same problem last year.

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: liz
Date: 31-Aug-00 10:32 PM EST

Try placing some Reemay cloth over the canes when the fruit begins to ripens. It should work.

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: Brian
Date: 02-Sep-00 04:58 PM EST

Raspberries are biannual producers of fruit. That is, the canes grow from the roots one year and then bear fruit on that cane in the second year. The cane then dies. When you trim out the canes, make sure that you only cut out the canes that bore fuit this year. You can tell the difference by the new canes have buds for next years growth and should be greener & more supple than the canes that bore fruit. Grow lots of Raspberries so that both you and the Wasps have something to eat.

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
Date: 19-Oct-00 08:12 PM EST

how to prune everbearing raspberries

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: carolvan
Date: 24-Oct-00 05:23 PM EST

re the wasps:try putting a wasp trap near the raspberries - you can make them out of nig pop bottles - cut two or three holes about half way up,almost fill with a sweet,colored solution(sugar,corn syrup etc) and hang by neck - when the liquid evaporates just pour more in. I use several of these in my yard and get humdreds of wasps - maybe they will like it better than your raspberries.

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: lesley
Date: 08-Apr-01 03:30 PM EST

I've inherited a garden with a great, thriving raspberry patch - but have no idea how to treat it! Looks like someone cut back about half of the canes down to the ground in the fall. Will they grow again this year? - will they bear fruit? As for what's left, some canes still have dried up berries on, some look dead (but may not be) & some are too tall & waving all over the place. Help!! What do I do?

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: David
Date: 09-Apr-01 05:51 AM EST

You need to prune back the tall stems to just above the top of the support wires (usually about 4 feet). They'll send out lots of branches to grow fruit. Read the letter a few days back about raspberry being biennial producers. you should soon see which ones are dead as the live ones start budding out. Don't worry, new stems will grow from the bottom for next years crop. Next fall you cut out, to the ground, the stems that produced fruit this year

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: Ross Rabjohn
Date: 11-May-01 10:41 AM EST

About half of my canes are dead this year after 7 successful years . They are dry and brittle with no shoots. Any ideas as to the cause? Thanks Ross!

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 11-May-01 12:26 PM EST

You had better check whether they are everbearing or just regular raspberries. The pruning techniques are different.

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: JDB
Date: 12-May-01 07:08 PM EST

Be very careful with your raspberries. There are two types of raspberries, dependant on when they produce.

Summer berries must have all the old growth cut in the spring or at the earliest possible time. What happens is you look for the stalks that are brown, and cut them out. You then let the green ones (last years growth) flower and produce. While they are producing, the stalks will grow for next year, and the cycle continues.

For fall raspberries, just mow them down after they have produced, usually around september/october. These type produce flowers and berries on new growth.

Your berries that have been trimmed to the ground may be fall producers, with the other ones being summer producers. Do not just trim your cames from the top. This will allow them to produce, but not those big red berries that you want.

Good luck.....

Subject: RE: growing raspberries
From: Ross Rabjohn
Date: 21-Jun-01 06:00 PM EST

last winter many canes died after 5 succesful years.Any ideas as to why ? Thanks Ross

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