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control cinch bugs without chemicals

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deb10-Aug-00 05:15 PM EST   
boyd11-Aug-00 12:18 PM EST   
Arzeena Hamir16-Aug-00 08:47 PM EST   

Subject: control cinch bugs without chemicals
From: deb
Date: 10-Aug-00 05:15 PM EST

i would like to get rid of cinch bugs on my lawn without using chemicals. any suggestions?

Subject: RE: control cinch bugs without chemicals
From: boyd
Date: 11-Aug-00 12:18 PM EST

There are many natural based products on market. Go to a qualified garden centre and ask for same. Tell them NO synthetic chemicals.

Subject: RE: control cinch bugs without chemicals
From: Arzeena Hamir
Date: 16-Aug-00 08:47 PM EST

To my knowledge, there are no organic sprays or predatory insects you can use on chinch bugs at this time. I would love to hear of any that have worked well. I've only found good management techniques that will help bring their numbers down.

Chinch bugs require hot dry conditions for optimum survival and reproduction, so irrigation during the spring and summer will help control the nymphs. The adults can withstand water because of the protective hairs on the body but the nymphs readily get wet and can be damaged by large water droplets

Slightly damaged turf will recover rather quickly if lightly fertilized and watered regularly. Also, try changing the cutting height of grass in the summer to 6 - 7.5 cm. Mow frequently, cutting off a maximum of one-third of the grass at a time.

Try to encourage predatory insects if you can - they like dill, caraway, catnip, lemon balm, thyme, daisies, coneflowers and yarrow so if you have room in your garden for them, all the better.

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