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Botanic name for Toad Lilies

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Carolyn08-Aug-00 01:33 PM EST   
Marg08-Aug-00 02:13 PM EST   
Glen, Regina, SK09-Aug-00 04:31 AM EST   

Subject: Botanic name for Toad Lilies
From: Carolyn
Date: 08-Aug-00 01:33 PM EST

I planted a few Toad lilies in June and they're blooming now--really pretty. My garden books offer no info. about them b/c I guess, Toad Lily is the common name and not the latin name. Does anyone know what it is? Can anyone also tell me why they're called Toad lilies? I'd also like to hear from anyone growing them--do they have any problems associated with them? Thanks!

Subject: RE: Botanic name for Toad Lilies
From: Marg
Date: 08-Aug-00 02:13 PM EST

The Latin name for the Toad Lily is 'Tricyrtis'. Afraid I can't help with the reason that they are called this except maybe because the outspread petals look somewhat like a toads foot? Maybe someone else will know the rel reason. It would be interesting to find out though.

Subject: RE: Botanic name for Toad Lilies
From: Glen, Regina, SK
Date: 09-Aug-00 04:31 AM EST

My guess as to the common name is that the spotted flowers resemble a toad's spotted skin.

Had a look, but couldn't find an explanation for the common name in any of my gardening reference books, nor in several catalogues.

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