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Michele03-Aug-00 05:50 PM EST   
Debbie P.03-Aug-00 07:49 PM EST   
Doug05-Aug-00 12:57 AM EST   

Subject: when to transplant
From: Michele
Date: 03-Aug-00 05:50 PM EST

We have a two year old silverleaf dogwood which we would like to transplant. When is the best time to do so? Spring or fall? Also, when is it the best time to prune it? Thanks.

Subject: RE: when to transplant
From: Debbie P.
Date: 03-Aug-00 07:49 PM EST

Hi Michele, The best time to prune dogwoods is in late winter to early spring before the leaves appear. As far as transplanting goes I'm not sure what the best time is but I have succesfully moved dogwood in the fall and spring. Debbie P.

Subject: RE: when to transplant
From: Doug
Date: 05-Aug-00 12:57 AM EST

For transplanting dogwood, the best time would be mid-spring (after danger of frost is over but it still isnt extremely hot). This is because you will be stressing the dogwood by moving it, so you dont want to add more stress by having it freeze or be subjected to heat stress. As for pruning, early summer works best because the shrub has begun to make enough energy for the year to replenish its supplies after winter's sleep. Just be sure to only remove up to 1/3 of the old wood per year.

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