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Lily Macnab04-Mar-00 12:31 PM EST   
Phil Myre06-Mar-00 03:44 PM EST   
Nancy09-Mar-00 10:37 AM EST   

Subject: stirrup hoe
From: Lily Macnab
Date: 04-Mar-00 12:31 PM EST

sorry, I few minutes ago I sent a message asking about a spur hoe. I meant a stirrup hoe. Can anyone tell me where I can get one in the Calgary area?

Subject: RE: stirrup hoe
From: Phil Myre
Date: 06-Mar-00 03:44 PM EST

To Lily re/stirrup hoe: I do not live in calgary or even close by but to answer your question #1 any garden center Wall-Mart Sears home hardware Canadian tire and the list can go on but I am sure you see what I mean. Stirrup hoes in my opinion are ok, in sandy soil, a nice loom but in clay loom you might not wish ever to have heard of them, but as all things, to each his own. If your a new gardner by using this type hoe just let your body catch up to it, not you to the hoe, have a happy summer and a good harvest. Phil Myre ontario

Subject: RE: stirrup hoe
From: Nancy
Date: 09-Mar-00 10:37 AM EST

I would recommend Lee Valley Hardware for excellent garden tools -- and a wide selection of hoes. They are in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa but they also have a mail order catalogue. Their tools are far superior than those available at Wal-mart or discount stores, but only slightly more expensive. The tools I've purchased from them have a lifetime warranty.

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