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help! can't get grass to grow on hill !

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Lisa28-Jul-00 12:42 PM EST   
Deb01-Aug-00 07:35 PM EST   
Claire-Ontario01-Aug-00 11:54 PM EST   
Doug02-Aug-00 12:53 AM EST   
Judy02-Aug-00 07:25 AM EST   

Subject: help! can't get grass to grow on hill !
From: Lisa
Date: 28-Jul-00 12:42 PM EST

Hi all- love this forum- hope one of you has some advice for me: our yard has a slope at the side, southern exposure-full sun- we have dogs which run down the side of the yard (playing ball). We had laid sod over the entire hill 2 years ago but it has since been torn away. Now the hill is baked solid clay- full of ants and the occasional weed. How do I get grass to grow and stay? I think a lot of the topsoil gets lost due to erosion when it rains. We do NOT want to go the expense to re-sod. Any ideas to fix this problem area??? thanks! :)

Subject: RE: help! can't get grass to grow on hill !
From: Deb
Date: 01-Aug-00 07:35 PM EST

grass Seed, cover with topsoil and throw some wild flower seeds that will take root and curb the errosion a bit. Make sure your problem isn't grubs eating your grass roots before you go to any more expense though.

Subject: RE: help! can't get grass to grow on hill !
From: Claire-Ontario
Date: 01-Aug-00 11:54 PM EST

Hi - went to great lengths on Sunday - but with the problems - my reply disappeared. Will try to remember what I said.

Sometimes we get a mind set about something and I wondered if instead of thinking you needed grass - maybe you should break with tradition and go for hardy groundcover.

Crown vetch can be invasive but this is probably the type of planting you need to cover the hill quickly. If you need a barrier at the top and bottom of the hill (if there's grass there) just hammer in some of the cheap edging that's available.

Other things you can try for sun is the chameleon plant its very attractive with its tri-color and lemony scent and also can be invasive. Low growing cotoneaster is also great...its evergreen and has red berries in the fall, small very shiny leaves and "tiny" pink flowers in the spring. That might be a tad rough on the dogs though unless you'd rather they didn't tear pell mell down this hill afterall, as the branches can be a bit woody and they could "catch" their legs in it. trip, fall and break something ...on them...not the shrub.

How about some of the dwarf native grasses...they are very hardy and would be great on saving soil erosion. Some wonderful colors, zebra stripes, red, blue fescue. Good luck.

Subject: RE: help! can't get grass to grow on hill !
From: Doug
Date: 02-Aug-00 12:53 AM EST

as one other ground cover you might want to try is thyme. It will grow well in a clay, compacted soil that gets a lot of use. It will need a season or so to establish itself though. but should stand the wear and tear of dogs trampling it.. and as a bonus, it will release a nice fragrance when rubbed.

Subject: RE: help! can't get grass to grow on hill !
From: Judy
Date: 02-Aug-00 07:25 AM EST

I have a slope too. Right now it's covered in plastic to kill the weeds. (new house) I'd like some more ideas for ground covers, etc. I live in zone 4. Thanks! Does anyone know any good websites for this? I've been looking!

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