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Brenda27-Jul-00 03:47 PM EST   
Joanne02-Aug-00 12:53 PM EST   

Subject: Lawn Replacing
From: Brenda
Date: 27-Jul-00 03:47 PM EST

After having a new garage put in the backyard last year, there are old, hard piles of dirt, weeds and many bare patches of lawn. Would it be best to try to replace the whole lawn by seed or sod? If so, what is the easiest way to prep and level (the dirt is pretty hard in spots)?

Subject: RE: Lawn Replacing
From: Joanne
Date: 02-Aug-00 12:53 PM EST

We just moved into a new house and had to build up the soil on the side of the house. At that time, we also seeded. I would recommend purchasing the sod, as the amount of money we spend on seed and fertilizer was a lot higher than the $60.00 the sod would have cost. Before laying the sod, or sowing the seed, the dirt needs to be levelled as best you can. Fill in all the low areas using a shovel, or use a bobcat to level. After the dirt looks sort of level, you need to pack it down. If you don't want to rent the roller machine, a large drum or barrell filled with water will also work, and you just kind of roll it around until it is all nicely packed down. You can buy bags of seed and fertilizer at any home improvement store, but if I were to redo it, I would lay the sod and then just water.

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