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Doug Price22-Jul-00 08:04 PM EST   
Doug Price11-Nov-00 06:23 PM EST   

Subject: Philadendron
From: Doug Price
Date: 22-Jul-00 08:04 PM EST

I have a philadendron which is over ten years old and over twenty feet tall. Last year it grew a couple of of growths lomething like small ears of corn. When I peeled back the cover I found a fair amount of yellow pollen. After a year, they are still there and appear very healthy like they are permanent. Now I am getting another three. They are not pretty but they are interesting. Are they flowers, fruit? Are they edible? Will they remain as long as the plant lives or should I pick them off? PS. I have pictures.

Subject: RE: Philadendron
From: Doug Price
Date: 11-Nov-00 06:23 PM EST

Wow, almost 6 months and no replies to my question. As an update, This year, the plant had four of these cones or whatever they are. Growth seems to slow down while these things are developing. Now it has resumed grfowing and has a new leaf above the new cones. If anyone has any information or experience whith this, I would love to hear.

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