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leaves of japanese maple drying out at edges

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wendy10-Jul-00 09:21 PM EST   
H.H.Gardener10-Jul-00 10:43 PM EST   

Subject: leaves of japanese maple drying out at edges
From: wendy
Date: 10-Jul-00 09:21 PM EST

the edges of my jap. maple have dried out beginning at the edges and continuing untill the whole leaf has curled and is crisp. Is this a disease, fungi, or bacterialHow do I treat it?

Subject: RE: leaves of japanese maple drying out at edges
From: H.H.Gardener
Date: 10-Jul-00 10:43 PM EST

Is this a newly planted tree? It sounds more like heat stress, than a disease problem. Maples are sensitive to hot drying winds and drought conditions. Is it located in an area where it is protected from hot winds and receives some afternoon shade? A disease would have different symptoms, such as yellowing leaves with spots, a bacterial infection would be obvious in it has a distinct smell, and sometimes turns black or have an oily appearance. If there are more symptoms other than the ones you mentioned above, then let us know. Good luck.

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