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dividing peonies

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barb03-Jul-00 09:43 PM EST   
H.H.Gardener04-Jul-00 01:09 AM EST   
Helen04-Jul-00 10:17 PM EST   
Krys04-Jul-00 11:38 PM EST   
Phyllis Johnson06-Apr-01 11:05 AM EST   
Ida06-Apr-01 04:45 PM EST   
Ed08-Apr-01 03:19 PM EST   

Subject: dividing peonies
From: barb
Date: 03-Jul-00 09:43 PM EST

When is the best time to move/divide peonies? I have heard they don't like to be moved but I want to rescue some from the garden of a 140 yr old house before it is renovated into an office complex. What is the best way to replant them?

Subject: RE: dividing peonies
From: H.H.Gardener
Date: 04-Jul-00 01:09 AM EST

Usually Peonies are divided in the fall using dormant root sections with at least two to three eyes. Plant the eye no more than 1 to 2 inches below the soil. Mound a small hill of soil in the planting hole and spread the roots out over the hill or mound. They prefer a humus rich moist soil. Avoid overhead watering when in bloom, as it will open the plant to Botyritis. Plant in full sun, unless you live in the hot southern part of the country, then plant with afternoon shade. Good luck.

Subject: RE: dividing peonies
From: Helen
Date: 04-Jul-00 10:17 PM EST

Peonies don't like to be moved but if you want to rescue them it's worth a try. The fall is the best time, but sometimes you just can't wait. I had to move a peony plant once and I was very careful in taking as much of the soil around the root ball area as possible without disrupting it too much. Put it in a container for moving and have your hole ready to put it in right away. Water well. Mine survived. Good luck.

Subject: RE: dividing peonies
From: Krys
Date: 04-Jul-00 11:38 PM EST

One of the important things to remember when moving peonies is to be sure to plant the root ball at the same dept as it was originally. Good luck with the moving project.

Subject: RE: dividing peonies
From: Phyllis Johnson
Date: 06-Apr-01 11:05 AM EST

I have a 15-20 yr old peony, double pale pink with deep burgandy centres.{Rescued from damaged nursery stock for $2.00.} I would like to divide it, but have recieved conflicting info on how and when. I don't want to hurt the "mother" plant.

Subject: RE: dividing peonies
From: Ida
Date: 06-Apr-01 04:45 PM EST

Now that all is said. You must be very pateint after the transplant. I did mine in the spring once, because it had to be moved. All went well, the only thing is, it usually does not bloom that summer and maybe not even the next. But like I have mentioned, pateince is needed. Mine did bloom last year and has doubled in size. It is always worth trying.

Subject: RE: dividing peonies
From: Ed
Date: 08-Apr-01 03:19 PM EST

I have moved and/or divided peonies both Spring and fall. Both have been equally successful. A divided peony needs at least a full year of new root development before it will resume blooming. A plant moved carefully in the fall might bloom the following year, but no guarantees ! Spring planting is best done as soon as new growth appears that will serve as guide of depth to transplant. For fall planting, the eyes that are the start of following years growth, not more than 1 or 2" deep. As they will in most cases be there for many years,they will respond to a good depth of enriched soil.

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