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tomato buds seem stalled

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Carole27-Jun-00 10:44 PM EST   
H.H.Gardener27-Jun-00 10:57 PM EST   
bill01-Jul-00 02:24 AM EST   

Subject: tomato buds seem stalled
From: Carole
Date: 27-Jun-00 10:44 PM EST

I had three tumbler tomato plants that have lots of buds but nothing is happening to them. Someone said they needed to be polinated, but there are no bees up on my condo balcony.

Can anyone suggest what I should do?

Subject: RE: tomato buds seem stalled
From: H.H.Gardener
Date: 27-Jun-00 10:57 PM EST

You can try shaking your plant, or there is a blossom set spray for tomatoes available at garden centers. Good luck.

Subject: RE: tomato buds seem stalled
From: bill
Date: 01-Jul-00 02:24 AM EST

My grandmother (and I have since taken up the exercise) taught me to take a little paint brush (I use a Q-tip) and gently go from one flower to the other, dusting pollen and sharing it with the other flowering plants. It may sound silly but I'm sure that we get more tomatoes than if I didn't do the Q-tip!! Hope this helps a bit. bill

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