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creating a rock garden

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Judy15-Jun-00 07:19 AM EST   
Carolyn17-Jun-00 11:17 AM EST   
gay24-Aug-00 01:10 PM EST   
Doug25-Aug-00 12:14 AM EST   

Subject: creating a rock garden
From: Judy
Date: 15-Jun-00 07:19 AM EST

I want to create a rock garden on the front slope of my house leading to the street. I'd like advice on suitable plants, especially perennials. I'm a very amateur gardener and I live in Zone 4.

Subject: RE: creating a rock garden
From: Carolyn
Date: 17-Jun-00 11:17 AM EST

Gardening on a slope can be very tricky because you are often battling soil running off and sometimes plants, along with it. Rocks, of course, will help to anchor plants better but their placement involves some thought and skill.

Seek out books at your local Chapters or other bookstore on rock gardening. Look for ones that provide detailed instructions on soil preparation and rock placement. It would be in your best interest to look for a book that deals with gardening on slopes and hillsides. Additionally, look for a book that gives a detailed list of plants for the rock garden so you can make a list of what you like to take to the garden centre. Be wary of American books and books written for warmer zones like California. Their plant suggestions will often not be hardy for much of Canada and your zone 4 garden.

With any luck, you can find this all in one good Canadian book.! Good Luck!

Subject: RE: creating a rock garden
From: gay
Date: 24-Aug-00 01:10 PM EST

Rock garden books are difficult to find but a great one has just been released. It is called The Prairie Rock Garden by Calgary Horticulturist Donna Balzer. Hopefully your bookstore can order it. Her website is

Subject: RE: creating a rock garden
From: Doug
Date: 25-Aug-00 12:14 AM EST

One of the important things to remember about a rock garden is their need for excellent drainage (the majority of rock garden plants dont like wet feet). Some plants to grow in a rock garden would be bachelors buttons(free-seeding annual), hens and chicks (low growing perennial), rock soapwort (mound-like perennial), dracena (spiked annual/perennial that may not be fully hardy in zone 4), and any variety of grasses (make sure they arent ones for ponds or wet areas).

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