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May Ip10-Jun-00 08:39 PM EST   
The Poacher10-Jun-00 10:28 PM EST   
Laurel10-Jun-00 10:32 PM EST   
May Ip10-Jun-00 11:14 PM EST   

Subject: Help! Bugs on tomatoe plants
From: May Ip
Date: 10-Jun-00 08:39 PM EST

I noticed this evening that there are some bugs on the leaves of my tomatoe plants. They are obvoiusly eating the leaves. The bugs are kind of round and flat. The body is blackish with a almost transparent edge. Can anyone tell me what they are and how to get rid of them? I do not use chemical insecticide.

Subject: RE: Help! Bugs on tomatoe plants
From: The Poacher
Date: 10-Jun-00 10:28 PM EST

You can try making a repellent using the hottest peppers you can find. Put them in a blender with some water and hit "liquify". Once it is all nice and pulpy you can strain out the pulp and put it in a small hand sprayer. Be carefull when you do this. Hot peppers can be very painfull when you get it in your eyes.

Subject: RE: Help! Bugs on tomatoe plants
From: Laurel
Date: 10-Jun-00 10:32 PM EST

Get onto the web and type in "Tomato Hornworm" to see if you get a match. If so, they give a few good suggestions.

We had an infestation of these tomato hornworms last year, ate the leaves and the tomatoes. This year we planted more companion plants to combat them naturally. This site provided the ammunition. Did not use BTK.

Good Luck.

Subject: RE: Help! Bugs on tomatoe plants
From: May Ip
Date: 10-Jun-00 11:14 PM EST

Thank you both for the suggestions. I Have some dried red hot chilli pepper at home and will try a solution of that. This is the second year I have experimented with companion planting. Last year, I had tomatoes in the same bed with peas, borage, basil, chives and parsely. Did not have bugs on the tomatoe plants at all. This year, the plants are with onions, basil, purple sage. Maybe I should stick a borage in?

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