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Nancy09-Jun-00 05:16 PM EST   
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Subject: Share your garden tips!
From: Nancy
Date: 09-Jun-00 05:16 PM EST

I'd love to hear your garden tips that have made your garden bigger and better! My mother in law told me to put vinegar on thistles to kill them. I will try it and let you know how it works!

As for tried-and-true, I use strips cut from margarine containers for seedling markers and scrap boards for row markers.

My roses benefit from a little bonemeal mixed into the soil when planting.

I always clean up the garden in the fall to prevent blight and get rid of harbouring insect eggs - never disc it all under like my husband would like to!

Subject: RE: Share your garden tips!
From: Eva Howell
Date: 10-Jun-00 02:07 PM EST

We live in SE Sask. where the weather is VERY unpredictable. eg. the day before yesterday it was 25C and and yesterday the high was +10C and it rained all day. Rainfall is very unreliable and at times we have been not allowed to water gardens and lawns. so we started to practice xeriscape gardening. I no longer own a sprinkler hose and have much less work. If anyone is interested in this, e-mail me.

Subject: RE: Share your garden tips!
Date: 10-Jun-00 02:12 PM EST

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