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Subject: Shade perennial bed
From: Jim Toth
Date: 07-Jun-00 03:04 PM EST

I live in beautiful Regina. In my front yard, I have just replaced the old lawn with new sod and created a perennial bed bordering our property and the neighbours. The bed lies adjacent to a huge blue spruce, unde a mountain ash and ends at stree end under an American elm. It is in spotted shade for most of the day. I would like to plant a perennial bed with shade tolerant plants. What suggestiosn do you have? Thanks, Jim

Subject: RE: Shade perennial bed
From: JDB
Date: 10-Jun-00 01:46 PM EST

Sounds like a great spot for a rhodo bed. They love the acidic nature of the spruce. Mix the soil with lots of peat moss and manure and you probably won't even have to water it.

Other plants: Astilbe, Ligularia (absolutly stunning), solomons seal, hosta, the list goes on forever.

Ground covers: Periwinkle, ajuga, or lily of the valley.

Subject: RE: Shade perennial bed
From: Bob
Date: 12-Jun-00 01:43 PM EST

John, could you explain a 'rhodo bed' a little more?

I have a similar corner that needs something. It is bright but reveives no direct sun.

thank you Bob in Edmonton

Subject: RE: Shade perennial bed
From: JDB
Date: 12-Jun-00 02:15 PM EST

Rhododendrons. I think I spelled that right.

There are several varieties that are hardy for your area. They grow on the forest floor, so the more you make the bed like a forest, the more they like it. I dug a pit about 6 inches deep, and then built up the sides with logs from the woods to about 20 inches high. Put in the soil I dug out and mixed it with manure and peat moss. Planted 7 Rhododendrons that a friend in the landscape business was throwing out. Fed them Miracid, and put several pails of pine needles on it, watered well and they took off.

No direct sun could be a problem, but it would be worth a try. rhodos also need to be covered -(pine boughs look nice) from the winter sun as it can burn the leaves.

Good luck!! They are amazing when they bloom, as they are in toronto right now!!

Subject: RE: Shade perennial bed
From: Cathy
Date: 14-Jun-00 01:49 PM EST

I have a garden that is in total shade all day long. There are many things you can plant that will do very well. JDB gave you a few and I'll put a few more so you can have a variety. Virginia bluebells, dutchmans breeches, jack-in-the-pulpit, christmas rose, trillium, and just about any fern will do well. I also have marigolds, begonia, and impatients, scattered through the perennials and they bloom very good in the shade. Hope this helps:)


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