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sue deaskin05-Jun-00 04:30 PM EST   
Ann05-Jun-00 06:48 PM EST   
Sharon10-Jun-00 10:53 AM EST   

Subject: courgettes
From: sue deaskin
Date: 05-Jun-00 04:30 PM EST

my courgettes are flowering but no fruit is appearing this has been going on for a few weeks now please help.

Subject: RE: courgettes
From: Ann
Date: 05-Jun-00 06:48 PM EST

Perhaps they are not being pollinated by the bees? Have you been having wet weather over there? It makes the flowers slippery and might put the bees off.

Subject: RE: courgettes
From: Sharon
Date: 10-Jun-00 10:53 AM EST

Sometimes the first flowers are all male and the female flowers will follow. The males just have a straight stalk, the females have a little fruit at the base of the flower. If you have both then a lack of pollination may be the problem. Take one of the male flowers, carefully peel back the petals and touch the stamen from the male flower to the stigma of the female making sure that the pollen is transferred. Sometimes bees seem put off by the big flowers of squash plants.

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