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Katherine Pederson03-Jun-00 10:14 PM EST   
Carolyn04-Jun-00 05:12 PM EST   
Laurel10-Jun-00 10:53 PM EST   
The Poacher10-Jun-00 11:39 PM EST   
Marg14-Jun-00 04:16 PM EST   
Jo20-Jun-00 12:54 AM EST   

Subject: Toads/Frogs2
From: Katherine Pederson
Date: 03-Jun-00 10:14 PM EST

I live in Calgary, a fenced yard and 3 cats. Has anyone had experience with keeping a frog or a toad for catching slugs? I'm getting tired of picking them each day, and have wondered if a helper in the garden would survive. I also have a couple of ponds, would this help?

Subject: RE: Toads/Frogs2
From: Carolyn
Date: 04-Jun-00 05:12 PM EST

I've had no luck attracting toads either despite my best efforts. This summer, I intend to find a toad by the canal and DEMAND that he stay in my garden. Hee!

I have a pond and a bog garden with lots of rocks --I hear they like crevices and areas under stone to stay cool in. I even put in a few toad houses--overturned clay pots with a chunk out of them for an opening.

They are wonderful pest-controllers and would take care of slugs nicely.

I think my cat contributes to the toads quick retreat. Even though he goes out on a leash--he probably presents something of a threat to a toad.

Subject: RE: Toads/Frogs2
From: Laurel
Date: 10-Jun-00 10:53 PM EST


You might drop over to the chat at the national wildlife federation backyard habitat site. They have people there who have lots of toads and great informatinn how to attract them.

Ours stay close to the well house and under the porch. Places cool and shady. We are a naturally arid area so they toads stay close to our water sources.

Can you leave a drip area or muddy place? They like that.

Good luck!


Subject: RE: Toads/Frogs2
From: The Poacher
Date: 10-Jun-00 11:39 PM EST

Beer always seems to work best for slugs. Trying to keep a toad in your yard is like trying to keep a cat in a tub full of water. You might get them in there but they won't stick around long.

Subject: RE: Toads/Frogs2
From: Marg
Date: 14-Jun-00 04:16 PM EST

I have some cement blocks beside my greenhouse. A HUGE toad has taken up residence in one of them. I guess he knows how cool it really is. Hope he stays ther becausse he sure does keep the bugs down in the garden.

Subject: RE: Toads/Frogs2
From: Jo
Date: 20-Jun-00 12:54 AM EST

We have so many frogs (bullfrogs, tree frogs etc.)! I've thought about catching them and selling them, ha ha. They eat my baby fish. I guess I should feel lucky to have them since they are such great helpers though.

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