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Ginny 01-Jun-00 12:40 AM EST   
H.H.Gardener01-Jun-00 11:15 PM EST   

Subject: Added Charcoal-Naturally
From: Ginny
Date: 01-Jun-00 12:40 AM EST

I need to transplant my Mandevilla, part of the Dipladenia family according to Mark Cullen, and the original tag states to use a mix of loam with ADDED CHARCOAL, can I use fireplace ashes? If so in what quantity, and if not, from what other source and mix ratio??

Subject: RE: Added Charcoal
From: H.H.Gardener
Date: 01-Jun-00 11:15 PM EST

I cannot imagine why the label would say to add charcoal to the potting mix, unless the container does not have a drainage hole. No, wood ashes are Potash, charcoal is to sweeten the soil or to prevent it from souring in a situation where there is no drainage. You place it on the bottom of the container, then fill with potting soil. If the new container has drainage holes, then I see no reason to add the charcoal to the potting mix. Maybe they know something that I do not.

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