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worms eating my mugo pine

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Valerie30-May-00 05:21 PM EST   
Toni30-May-00 07:02 PM EST   
Valerie30-May-00 07:17 PM EST   
Kelly31-May-00 10:09 PM EST   
glen01-Jun-00 10:14 AM EST   
Margie07-Jun-00 07:59 PM EST   
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Subject: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Valerie
Date: 30-May-00 05:21 PM EST

HI I need some help. Some kind of worm is eating my Mugo Pine. I first noticed it today and there are hundreds of small dark worm like creatures eating my pine very rapidly. The plant is about ten years old and I have never seen anything eating it before but if I don't find out what it is and how to treat it, the Mugo Pine will soon be stripped of all needles. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks Valerie

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Toni
Date: 30-May-00 07:02 PM EST

I just heard on Global TV in Toronto that this year there is an infestation of canker worms/inch worms. Apparently it is very extreme in the west Toronto area, they said not to use any pesticides otherwise it would harm the worms natural predators. Sorry I can't offer any other suggestions accept maybe picking them off and that really doesn't appeal to me.

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Valerie
Date: 30-May-00 07:17 PM EST

Toni, Thanks for the info. At least now I know what i'm dealing with. Valerie

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Kelly
Date: 31-May-00 10:09 PM EST

This first happened to my Mugho Pine two years ago on the 25th of May. These worms twitched (all at the same time like synchronized swimmers!). I sprayed them with Raid House and Garden Bug Killer (Outdoor Fresh). There was no sign of any problem for the rest of the season. But a wise friend told me to remember when they had appeared and to watch for them the following year. Last year on the 29th of May they were back. Another dose of Raid did the trick. They haven't appeared yet this year but we have the pine on a twice a day check! So if you're not averse to using a little Raid you'll still have a Mugho pine and you'll only have to spray once a year! Kelly (in Ottawa)

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: glen
Date: 01-Jun-00 10:14 AM EST

Don't know if their the same worm, but here on the prairies we are being invaded by tent caterpillars. They say if they completely defoliate a tree the leaves will grow back. I am not sure about Mugo pine however, I think they won't recover until the next year. They say no long term harm comes to the trees, but I personally would use the raid or someother insecticide (see your nursery) as I think these insect attacks can weaken a tree.

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Margie
Date: 07-Jun-00 07:59 PM EST

I live in Etobicoke and notice a lot of what I call "inch worms" hanging from the trees over the past few weeks. Then I discovered they were defoliating a Malva (which I proudly grew from seed last year) that is planted under a black walnut. I just found out this past weekend that we do have an infestation of these cankerworms and they can really harm older/damaged trees. I suspect they are falling down off the walnut onto the Malva below, and now that I know this I continually check and pick them off. Also, I noticed far more bird splats than usual on the patio under the walnut tree and am assuming this means the birds are up there enjoying a feast. I notice a sparrow bringing a beakful back to her nest so at least the pests are of some value. Having yammered on I also meant to say that these worms come in a green or darkish brown variety, but I've not seen any on my mugho or white pine. And I thought this would be a good year because we don't seem to have too many earwigs! If it isn't one pest it's another!

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: H.H.Gardener
Date: 07-Jun-00 11:51 PM EST

You can use Dipel or BT (liquid is called Thuricide) It is used exclusively for worms and is not toxic to people or pets. Use 2 Tablespoons Sugar, and 2 Tablespoons Flour with the Thuricide product. Or you can use Orthene spray. Yes, it is a chemical spray that will kill the worms, but it is toxic. This is a bad insect and pest year because of the mild winter.

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Dan
Date: 31-May-05 04:40 PM EST

Mugo Pine is a favored host for Pine sawfly and Pine needle scale. Some adelgids will appear as white cottony growths on the bark. All types produce honeydew which may support sooty mold. European Pine shoot moth causes young shoots to fall over. Infested shoots may exude resin. The insects can be found in the shoots during May. Pesticides are only effective when caterpillars are moving from overwintering sites to new shoots. This occurs in mid to late April or when needle growth is about half developed.

Sawfly larvae caterpillars are variously colored but generally feed in groups on the needles. Some sawfly larvae will flex or rear back in unison when disturbed. Sawflies can cause rapid defoliation of branches if left unchecked

Following WEB site has pics and info.

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: Pippin
Zone: 6
Date: 02-Jun-05 07:43 PM EST

An effective and yet safe insecticide on those worms is the Trounce(soap based with pyrethins).Kills 'em dead!

Subject: RE: worms eating my mugo pine
From: bruce (
Zone: 3
Date: 04-Jun-05 05:27 AM EST

BTK is a non-toxic spray made just for catepilars and worms.Just mix with water and spray on the foilage.When the worms eat the foilage they turn up dead.

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