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dew worms

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JoAnne29-May-00 12:52 PM EST   
01-Jun-00 11:27 PM EST   
Rose02-Jun-00 10:50 PM EST   
boyd09-Jun-00 11:48 AM EST   
Jane11-Jun-00 12:48 PM EST   
JDB11-Jun-00 03:03 PM EST   
The Poacher11-Jun-00 05:46 PM EST   

Subject: dew worms
From: JoAnne
Date: 29-May-00 12:52 PM EST

I have dew worms and do not know how to get rid of them. I would prefer a home remedy rather than to hire a pro. Any suggestions? Thanks

Subject: RE: dew worms
Date: 01-Jun-00 11:27 PM EST

Not really sure what Dew Worms are. Can you enlighten us.

Subject: RE: dew worms
From: Rose
Date: 02-Jun-00 10:50 PM EST

Why do you want to get rid of dew worms? They are your basic little (or not so little) red wigglers and mean you have really good soil, and they will continue to keep it that way.

Subject: RE: dew worms
From: boyd
Date: 09-Jun-00 11:48 AM EST

If you have a lot of worms you could have worm pickers come in and thin them out and they will pay you for the privilege. Seriously.

Subject: RE: dew worms
From: Jane
Date: 11-Jun-00 12:48 PM EST

Dew worms can make a real mess of your lawn. They leave cement-like casings in the soil and the lawn gets uncomfortably lumpy. A thorough aerating is a good place to start. Then try a light top dressing with coarse sand, getting the sand down into the aerated holes. The sharp edges of the sand should discourage the soft bodied creatures and the grass loves it.

Subject: RE: dew worms
From: JDB
Date: 11-Jun-00 03:03 PM EST

Why would anyone want to get rid of worms?

Worms do NOT leave cement like casings, in fact they leave composted nutrients for your plants that can readily use it.

If gardeners would allow mother nature to work its wonders, it would be better for the enviornment, and for us all.

If you feel that you want to get rid of them, any gardner would love to have them. Stick up a sign and you will have a lineup of horticultural buffs at your door.

Subject: RE: dew worms
From: The Poacher
Date: 11-Jun-00 05:46 PM EST

Please send them all to me. The more worms the better.

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