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fertilizer for non-stop begonias

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29-May-00 11:53 AM EST   
Carolyn29-May-00 02:22 PM EST   
Grace29-May-00 11:00 PM EST   

Subject: fertilizer for non-stop begonias
Date: 29-May-00 11:53 AM EST

I'm not sure which fertilizer to use for which flowers. I'm especially concerned about my non-stop begonia basket, and wave petunias, and million bells, but I also have other flowers. The sun is shining today. Yes!! But we had beautiful rains on the weekend.

Subject: RE: fertilizer for non-stop begonias
From: Carolyn
Date: 29-May-00 02:22 PM EST

A good basic water-soluble fertilizer like Miracle-Gro or PlantProd is recommended for annuals. You'll find bucket containers of these all over garden centres and hardware stores. Look for numbers 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 on the container.

Fertilize all container plants once a week. For garden beds buy a hose-end sprayer and fill(according to directions)with your water-soluble fertilizer--then spray your beds. You can also distribute the fertilizer in your watering can.

Tip about Begonias: Keep them in part-shade--they will wither and die in full sun.

Subject: RE: fertilizer for non-stop begonias
From: Grace
Date: 29-May-00 11:00 PM EST

Thanks, Carolyn, for that info. I guess I wondered whether those were the #s we needed or something for acid-loving plants. There's so many kinds out there. I'll use the miracle grow. My begonia basket is gorgeous! I'll be sure to keep it in an east area away from the hot sun... not that it's BEEN hot yet, but maybe the heat is on it's way.

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